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    3kV / 3.3kV / 4.16kV / 6kV / 6.3kV / 6.6kV / 7.2kV / 10kV / 10.5kV/ 11kV / 12.47kV/ 

    Power Range:


    Rated Speed: 1500rpm/1800rpm
Product Detail

Technical Characteristics

Stator of High Voltage Generator

Class F stator is wrapped with class F epoxy mica tape and mould pressed. Class H stator coil is operated with the mature class H insulation technology and impregnated in VPI (vacuum pressure impregnating) system. Both class F and class H stator coil are processed with anti-corona treatment. Meantime, the stator coil is designed with skewed slot structure to effectively reduce harmonic wave. Enhance the mechanical strength on the end of stator winding to effectively prevent and withstand the deformation on the end of stator caused by the sudden load or short circuit.

Rotor of High Voltage Generator

Triple insulated structure of the rotor coil can effectively improve the rotor turn to turn and interlayer insulation, the damp-proof and anti-corrosion ability. It will enhance the mechanical strength on the end of the winding to prevent the rotor winding from deforming under high rotation speed. Accordingly, the lifespan, reliability and environment adaptability of generator is also substantially improved. The rotating rectifier is designed as bi-section structure which is convenient for maintenance and do not require any knock down on the generator.


5/6 or 2/3 pitch option can decrease the content of voltage harmonic wave and is suitable for nonlinear load application. The standard configuration is temperature sensor, PT100 and space heater.

Power Range

The power range of ENGGA high voltage generator is from 400kW to 10000kw.

Voltage Range

Standard voltage is from 3kV to 13.8kV. Special voltage is available according to customers’ requirement.

Frequency Range

50Hz or 60Hz are available.

Poles and Speed

The standard rotor configuration of high voltage generator is 4 pole salient rotor, with the speed at 1500r/min or 1800r/min. And 6/8/10/12/14 poles low/medium speed high voltage synchronous generator option is available.

Waveform Distortion and Telephone Interference

THD <2%, TIF <50, THF <2%。

Over Load

Overload allowance: 10% (1 hour in every 12 hours)

Three Phrases Short Circuit Current

The three phrases short circuit current is more than three times the rated current. (>300% In,10s)

Cooling Structure

Radial and axial ventilation design in interior side ensures the sufficient cooling.


Center Height

The center height is from EG450 to EG1000 and can be customized.

Installation Methord

The standard installation method is IMB20, double bearing configuration (single bearing is optional), and can be customized according to customer’s requirement.

Ingress Protection

The standard ingress protection is IP23. IP44 and IP54 are optional.

Cooling Method

The standard configuration is IC01. The IP54 air-air cooling and air-water cooling is available.

Dynamic Balancing

All rotors have been dynamically balanced at factory before delivery and the accuracy of dynamic balancing conforms to ISO1940.

Over Speed Capacity

The generator maximum over speed is 2160rpm for 2 mins.

Rotation Direction

The standard generator rotation direction is clockwise viewed from the drive end of generator, while counter-clockwise rotation direction is optional according to customer’s requirement.

Terminal Box

The interior modular design of the generator terminal box has reserved the space for future voltage transformer and current transformer mounting. The terminal box of digital voltage regulator and auxiliary terminal box are mounted on the external side of the terminal box, which is convenient for wiring, debugging and the personal safety is assured.

Optional Accessories:

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