Type: GB556-65


    Weight: 5.0 kg~19.2 kg


    Certificate: CCS, ABS, LR, GL, NK etc.

Product Detail

The bollard, as a part of warping appliances, is a necessity for ships to dock safely. Here we have various kinds of bollards and we guarantee you the best quality.


Specification of Bollard JIS F 2001-1990
1) Nominal Diameter : 100mm ~800mm
2) Weight: 18.9 kg~3071 kg
3) A: 196mm~1480mm
4) B: 250mm~2000mm
5) C: 165mm~1100mm
6) D: 445mm~3240mm
7) Φ: 114.3kg~812.8kg


Specification of Bollard CB554-83
1) Nominal Diameter : 100mm ~800mm
2) Weight: 19 kg~3071 kg
3) D: 114mm~813mm
4) L: 445mm~3240mm
5) B: 165mm~1100mm
6) H:196mm~1480mm

Specification of Bollard U.S.A 
1) Nominal Diameter : DF-419; DF-498
2) Weight: 449 kg, 612 kg
3) A: 305mm, 355mm
4) B: 1524mm, 1676mm
5) C: 457mm, 533mm
6) D: 381mm, 444mm
7) E: 330mm, 343mm
8) G: 571mm, 667mm


Specification of Bollard Welding
1) Type: GB556-65
2) Weight: 5.0 kg~19.2 kg
3) D: 50mm~100mm
4) L: 310mm~540mm
5) B: 100mm~160mm
6) H: 170mm~240mm
7) A: 205mm~364mm
8) A1: 166mm~290mm


Specification of Single Bit Bollard

Specification of Double Bit Bollard

Specification of T-head Bollard

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